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Joining Redwood Gun Club

Prospective members! Please download the membership form in Adobe Acrobat format RGC Member App.pdf

(If you have trouble with this link, try right-clicking on the link, and selecting "Download Link to Disk".)

The "overview" of membership requirements are;

    • Be a member in good standing of the National Rifle Association.

    • Membership Dues are $50 per year

    • Sign the Club Pledge (See the Bylaws)

Membership Applications are subject to Review and Acceptance by the Redwood Gun Club Executive Board.

If you have any questions about Club Membership, please contact Club Officers, or visit the range.

• What do you get for your hard earned $50 a year? Well, you get access to our lovely range on weekends without paying that pesky $10 day-use fee, and you get our most-excellent club Newsletter, the Redwood Stumper! (I'm biased, the webmaster is also the newsletter editor).

Why do we require NRA membership? First, because as gun owners, we must hang together, or we will surely hang separately (tip of the hat to one of our Founding Fathers for that paraphrased quote). Second and of most immediate importance; The insurance for our Club is through the NRA's program for range insurance, and they require (in order to cover our club) NRA membership. No insurance = No gun club. Period.