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Our Range and Use by the Public

The Redwood Gun Club Range facility is open to the public (members and non-members alike) on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00 pm, except as noted for special events or repairs in the Shoot Calendar.

The range may be closed on any normally-open range day if there are not at least TWO rangemasters available. This is for everyone's safety.

On days when the range is open, a $10.00 fee per person is collected from non-members to continue to fund the range's continued safe operation to serve the community. Juniors (under 18) are free as long as they are accompanied by an adult..

The range is also occasionally used by special arrangement by local, state and federal organizations for marksmanship training. Interested groups should contact the Chief Instructor to discuss terms. Due to insurance restrictions, we regret that we cannot always accommodate all interested groups.

Please note that the Club cannot provide ear protection or targets. Please bring hearing protection!! Being deaf is NOT cool! Also, bring paper targets. Bottles, cans, and other "Junk" targets are NOT allowed.

How to Find the Club:

Finding Eureka is the Easy part.... Get on Hwy 101. (coming from either the North or South) and follow it.

If you miss Eureka, you probably shouldn't be driving anyway; you're either REALLY tired, or not real observant!

The Redwood Gun Club Range facility is located on the Samoa Peninsula, north of the town of Manila on Hwy 255.

From Hwy 255 (Samoa Blvd), coming from the South, Turn Left on Young Lane. From the north, that would be a RIGHT turn. Head for the ocean.. you can't go wrong.

Then turn Right at the Big 'ol green sign that says

"Gun Club ---->".

Please take it slow on the gravel road, maintenance costs!

Do Not Park on the gravel road! Come inside the range gate.

Visitors must sign in with the Range Master on Duty.


The Redwood Gun Club maintains a 100 yard and 200 yard range, and a 25 yard range.  We also have a 15 yard “action pistol” range used for matches.

The 100 yard benches can accommodate 12 shooters (14 for prone matches), the 200 yard has 10 benches, and the 25 yard pistol range has 10 firing points for the 25 yard targets, and 3 15 yard targets.

There is no food, water, or camping on Club property, but all services are available in Eureka (5 minutes drive).